Q. What is Bench Africa’s Safari School and how does it work?
A. Safari School is an online independent study course. This means you will watch the videos and study in your own time, whenever it suits you. Once all the required levels have been successfully completed you will become a qualified ‘Africa Expert’.

Q. Why should I complete Bench Africa’s Safari School and what are the benefits to me?
A. Firstly, because it’s awesome, but most importantly it will teach you everything you need to know on how to sell Africa to potential clients. Not only will you become an ‘Africa Expert’ but if we receive a Direct Enquiry in the future from your area, then we can feel confident to pass this enquiry on to you.

Q. Do I have to register for Bench Africa’s Safari School?
A. Yes, if you do not register and activate your registration you will not be able to complete Safari School. You can use your work email address to register. All of the information that is asked for will not be given to any third party.

Q. I have registered but I cannot log in
A. This usually occurs when a user has not verified their email address through the link that is sent to you. Check your inbox for the link and verify your email address. Remember to check your Junk Mail if you have not added us to your safe list. If you are still having problems, please contact Bench Africa at training@benchafrica.com.au or call us on 02 9290 2877 and we will be happy to assist.

Q. What is a safe list and how do I add Bench Africa?
A. A safe list identifies emails that you do not want sent to your Junk Folder. Depending on the email client you use will depend on how you add us. The Domain you should use when adding us is: benchafrica.com.au

Q. What will it cost?
A. Bench Africa’s Safari School is free. All you need is self-motivation.

Q. What do I get if I pass the course?
A. When you have successfully completed Bench Africa’s Safari School you will receive a ‘Congratulations’ email. Bench Africa will also be notified and we will send an ‘Africa Expert’ Certificate to you in the post. On completion of each level you will be able to download a PDF information pack filled with useful details on Africa. Furthermore, you will be entitled to use the Bench Africa ‘Africa Expert’ logo on your marketing material.

Q. I forgot to download the PDF Information Pack, how do I get my hands on a copy?
A. No problem, if you forget to download a copy of the PDF Information Pack filled with African goodness then email us at training@benchinternaitona.com.au and we will happily send a copy to you.

Q. I have no sound at my workplace. How can I watch the videos?
A. Apart from headphones we have also captioned the videos for you to watch with the sound off. You will have to pay more attention! When the first video comes up you will see in the lower right corner of the video and option to turn them on.

Q. Do I have to watch all the videos?
A. Ideally yes. Watching the videos will give you all the answers to the questions that are asked as well as some interesting facts and knowledge of Africa. If you choose not to watch the videos then you will miss out on valuable information that is important to converting your Africa enquiries in to a booking.

Q. What happens if I need to leave Safari School half way through a level?
A. Don’t worry, so longs as you Save your session, the next time you log-in you will be able to continue from right where you left of.

Q. How do I get support if I have a question?
A. If you haven’t been able to find the answer to your question here then you can contact Bench Africa at training@benchafrica.com.au or call us on 02 9290 2877 and we will be happy to assist.

Q. How do I know if I got the answers correct?
A. You will be advised immediately if you have successfully completed the level.

Q. What if I answer a question incorrectly?
A. Don’t worry; you will have the opportunity to re-take the questions you answered incorrectly. If you answer the question incorrectly more than three times then one of our friendly staff members will give you a call to assist.

Q. What is the pass rate?
A. 90% (18 out of 20). All the correct answer will be sent to you as a PDF at the end of each level.

Q. What if I want more information about Africa when I have completed the Safari School?
A. Simply call up one of our state managers (preferably your own state) and they will be happy to talk to you and attempt to satisfy your insatiable need for knowledge.